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Union County residents are always at risk of someone referring them to Pennsylvania's ChildLine system for suspected child abuse. If you are "ChildLined" and placed on the registry, you face a whole host of limitations on your life, such as restrictions on where you can work and volunteer in your community. Worst of all, placement on the ChildLine registry can negatively impact child custody arrangements, putting barriers between you and your children. Even without these concrete restrictions, it isn't rare for those on the ChildLine registry to suffer professional and reputational damage because of the accusations tied to their name.

The aftermath of a ChildLine referral can be devastating to your mental health and family life. At the time when you need to defend against accusations the most, you will undoubtedly be under some of the greatest stress of your life. No one should undergo ChildLine investigations without assistance from experienced attorneys providing legal and emotional support.

The experienced Criminal Defense Team at the LLF Law Firm has worked for many years in Pennsylvania, defending clients against accusations of child abuse and neglect following a ChildLine referral. Call us today at 888-535-3686 or fill out our online form to schedule a consultation and learn how we can help.

What Is Pennsylvania's ChildLine System?

ChildLine is a 24-hour hotline allowing members of the public to make anonymous reports of suspected child abuse or neglect. Pennsylvania's Department of Human Services created ChildLine to prevent child abuse and encourage reporting by eliminating as many barriers as possible.

The ChildLine system includes a registry listing names of those who have "indicated" or "founded" reports of child abuse, meaning ChildLine referrals and investigations can follow you for years. The public cannot access this registry, but employers may be able to see whether your name is listed.

Any employer's decision to hire or fire you from your current job may rely on your placement on the ChildLine registry. In addition, many Pennsylvanians on the ChildLine registry face difficulties when volunteering in their community or interacting with the family court system. Wiping your name off the registry is possible, but it is challenging, especially alone. If you unexpectedly find out your name is on the ChildLine registry, the LLF Law Firm can help before it is too late.

What's a ChildLine Referral?

ChildLine refers all reports to the Child, Youth, and Family Services department located in the county of the alleged abuse. Each county is different, but the process is quick. ChildLine refers all reports within 24 hours, and most counties begin looking into the matter as soon as possible.

County workers investigate referrals to determine if the alleged behavior rises to the level of abuse or neglect. If it does, they will begin a 60-day investigation to find evidence supporting the allegations. Typically, investigations involve extensive interviews with people who may know about the case, such as the accused, their kids, spouses, friends, and exes.

ChildLine may also refer serious matters to local law enforcement officials. Although their processes differ, law enforcement investigators and county workers often work together to investigate allegations and build a case. Similarly, ChildLine can inform an accused person's licensing board, opening up the possibility for license sanctions and more investigations.

A ChildLine referral can open Pandora's box and have you facing accusations of abuse from many angles at once. If you're the subject of a ChildLine referral in Union County, the LLF Law Firm Criminal Defense Team can represent you during investigations and help you beat the allegations.

ChildLine Referrals in Union County

Every county is unique in how it handles referrals from ChildLine. In Union County, Union County Children and Youth Services (UCCYS) investigate allegations involving children living in Union County or those that take place in the county. Union County encourages reporting suspected abuse or neglect through the ChildLine system or by directly contacting the agency.

Union County investigated nearly 100 reports of child abuse in 2022, but only 17 reports were substantiated. False accusations of child abuse in Pennsylvania are devastating, and the ability for anyone to anonymously make a report increases the chance that innocent people are caught up in investigations. While Union County does screen out bogus reports if it determines they are malicious or do not warrant investigation, some inevitably slip through the cracks.

The idea that someone would purposely make a false report of child abuse may seem unbelievable, but it definitely happens, especially during emotionally charged family matters like divorces. A parent looking to secure custody or favorable terms may feel tempted to falsely accuse their ex if they believe they won't face repercussions. But remember, false accusations can come from anywhere, including neighbors and coworkers with a personal vendetta.

If you are facing false accusations after a ChildLine referral in Union County, time is of the essence. Preventing your name from appearing on the ChildLine registry requires quick action and an understanding of the ChildLine system. Whenever you are made aware of investigations into your behavior, contact the LLF Law Firm to speak to our experienced Criminal Defense Team.

Who Can Make a ChildLine Report?

Even though a single report can spark a lengthy and stressful investigation, anyone in Pennsylvania who has suspicions of ongoing child abuse or neglect can make a 100% anonymous report to ChildLine. Pennsylvania allows for confidential reporting to minimize the chances that someone is too scared to come forward or hesitant to levy an accusation. These anonymous reporters are "permissive" and are not obligated to report to ChildLine. However, there are some people whom Pennsylvania requires by law to make a report of suspected abuse or neglect.

Mandated Reporters

A mandated reporter is anyone required by Pennsylvania law to report suspected child abuse or neglect when they have knowledge or suspicions. This isn't merely a suggestion or recommendation, as anyone who does not report can face criminal penalties and fines.

Most people are not mandated reporters. Pennsylvania law applies the mandated reporter status to people who work jobs that put them in close contact with children. Through their job, they can better detect potential abuse or neglect, interacting with the same family and child more often than a random member of the public. Typical mandated reporter professions include teachers, counselors, police officers, religious leaders, healthcare workers, and caregivers.

Just like anonymous reporters, mandated reporters can express their concerns over the phone or through the online ChildLine report system. However, unlike anonymous reporters, mandated reporters must include their contact information, allowing investigators to follow up and learn more about the situation.

Even though mandated reporters are not entirely anonymous, their information is not public. Pennsylvania keeps all information related to mandated reporters confidential, even going so far as to protect them from legal liability regarding their reports. This protection applies to most situations, only disappearing if the state believes the mandated reporter made the report with malicious intent.

You would hope that mandated reporters never make a mistake due to their position, but they are just as susceptible to false or bad-faith reports as anonymous reporters. No matter who initially levied accusations against you, you need assistance to prevent the worst potential outcome of your ChildLine referral. If you are dealing with false allegations in Union County, the experienced Criminal Defense Team at the LLF Law Firm can help you craft a strong defense and deal with the stress of investigations.

What Happens if a ChildLine Referral Results in a Finding of Child Abuse?

The result of your ChildLine investigation has the potential to negatively affect your life for years to come, and you should do everything you can to defend against accusations and decrease the chance your name appears on the ChildLine registry. Officials don't always include your name on the registry. Instead, it is dependent upon the final status of your report. Investigators can classify child abuse reports as unfounded, indicated, or founded.

An unfounded report is one that the county did not find any evidence to back up, and they do not list your name in the ChildLine registry at the end of their investigation. An indicated report has substantial evidence of abuse or neglect, and officials will add your name to the registry following their investigation.

A founded report has a judicial adjudication, such as a previous verdict, that contains substantial evidence similar to an indicated report. Just like an indicated report, the founded status will result in your name on the ChildLine registry, and you may face substantial hardships in your personal and professional career as a result.

ChildLine investigations do not culminate in criminal proceedings, but that doesn't mean they are off the table. Since county investigators often work alongside law enforcement, anyone under investigation after a referral may also face criminal charges. Even if a ChildLine report details no evidence of abuse, law enforcement can decide to bring charges based on their own set of evidence.

If you are the subject of a ChildLine referral in Union County, placement on the ChildLine registry isn't the only thing you have to worry about. Never assume that investigators and law enforcement will exonerate you after investigating false accusations. To protect yourself and your family, be proactive in responding to allegations of abuse by working with an experienced team of attorneys. The Criminal Defense Team at the LLF Law Firm can protect your rights during the highly complicated legal process and help you grapple with the implications of a Childline report's status.

What Are Your Rights Following a ChildLine Referral?

A ChildLine investigation isn't a criminal trial, and you aren't afforded many opportunities to defend yourself before the end of an investigation. In fact, some people can even be placed on the ChildLine registry without due process, immediately throwing their life into disarray. However, despite these challenges, Pennsylvania law does afford you certain rights after a ChildLine referral.

If you are the subject of a ChildLine investigation, the state must notify you of the following:

  • Allegations: You will be informed about the existence of the report made against you
  • Legal Representation: You are entitled to an attorney during investigations, interviews, and meetings with officials
  • Options After Decision: You have the right to amend or expunge Union County's decision

After county officials conclude their investigation, Pennsylvania must notify you of the following:

  • Outcome: You will receive details about the investigation, its results, and the status of your report
  • Impact on Your Future: You will learn how this report may affect your future career trajectory and options
  • Registry Entry: Your name, the details of the case, and the report's status will appear on the ChildLine registry
  • Options After Decision: You have the right to request to amend or expunge the report, as well as file for appeal within 90 days and undergo a hearing on the merits

Being the subject of a ChildLine referral is tough, especially when you are trying to understand your rights while under immense stress. With so much on the line, you shouldn't try to go through the process alone or settle for subpar legal representation. The experienced Criminal Defense Team at the LLF Law Firm has assisted many Pennsylvania residents falsely accused of child abuse in defending their good names. When you need help, contact our team to get started on your defense.

How the LLF Law Firm Can Help After a ChildLine Referral in Union County

A referral to ChildLine can completely upheave your life, affecting your career, reputation, and family dynamic. The stress involved with responding to allegations of child abuse, especially when they are completely unfounded and malicious, is enough to overwhelm most people. If you are the subject of a ChildLine referral in Union County, you shouldn't try to defend yourself without working alongside experienced attorneys.

The LLF Law Firm vigorously defends clients from allegations of child abuse and neglect, working hard to prevent placement on the ChildLine registry. You shouldn't leave anything on the table when it comes to your defense, and our Criminal Defense Team will give you the best shot at completely beating the accusations against you. To schedule your consultation and get the help you need in Union County, call us at 888-535-3686 or reach out online through our confidential online form.

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