When you hire an attorney to defend you against criminal charges, you naturally want to hire the best. But just as important is that you have not just a good lawyer but a strong legal team. A good team is always greater than the sum of its parts, which is why the LLF Law Firm has focused on building one of the strongest legal teams in the field.

Whether you're facing drug charges, defending against allegations of child abuse, fighting a PFA order, or facing any other legal issue in Pennsylvania requiring the services of a skilled defense attorney, you can rest assured that the Criminal Defense Team at the LLF Law Firm has your back. Not just in the courtroom but with all the background investigation, preparation, organization, and documentation work required to get you the most favorable outcome possible. To schedule a consultation right away, call the LLF Law Firm today at (888) 535-3686 or use our online contact form.

What Constitutes a Great Legal Team

The performance of a stellar legal team is driven by the skills and dedication of its staff members. The recruitment process at the LLF Law Firm focuses not merely on amicable personalities but places a high emphasis on acquiring competent staff members with robust credentials, impressive character, practical wisdom, and a shared enthusiasm for providing top-notch service. The firm seeks professionals who embody resilience and determination, characteristics that mirror those of the firm's founders.

The legal staff at the LLF Law Firm is a reflection of the firm's ethos, and their quality and commitment significantly contribute to the exceptional service the firm provides. That's why we have successfully assembled a balanced team of experienced professionals and dynamic newcomers, creating a winning combination.

Lead Attorneys

Clients often seek assurance from the reputation and skills of a law firm's founding partners when choosing legal representation. These attorneys set the vision and direction for the firm, provide overall guidance for the team, and frequently take the helm when the case goes to court.

Associate Attorneys

Fully licensed and capable of managing critical matters, associate attorneys are often the unsung heroes working diligently in the background. These associates share the passion and commitment of the firm's senior partners. LLF Law Firm has a keen eye for spotting talented associates and a commitment to nurturing their development. When you choose to work with the LLF Law Firm Team, you benefit from the experience of first-rate associate attorneys.

Paralegals and Legal Assistants

A successful legal team extends beyond the attorneys who represent clients in court. Central to this team are proficient paralegals and legal assistants. Although they do not undergo the years of professional school that lawyers complete post-undergraduate studies, paralegals and legal assistants are equipped with valuable training in the organization, prioritization, and execution of various forms of legal work.

Paralegals and legal assistants typically embark on four-year undergraduate degree programs, acquiring skills that allow them to efficiently manage client intakes, maintain files, handle record requests, review and summarize medical, employment, and school records, and prepare accounts and chronologies, among other critical tasks. Their foundational work is instrumental in freeing up the firm's lawyers to focus on more complex, higher-value tasks.

The role of paralegals and legal assistants isn't limited to administrative tasks. They often exercise significant discernment and judgment, making their character, competence, and commitment vital to the firm's success. The primary role of these professionals within the LLF Law Firm Team is to ensure that all other professionals within the team can perform at their highest level.

Staff Investigators

At the LLF Law Firm, our legal team is not just composed of attorneys and support staff. We also have a diverse team of experienced investigators who play a crucial role in gathering evidence, conducting research, and uncovering facts that are critical to building strong cases for our clients. These skilled professionals have backgrounds in law enforcement, intelligence, and other related fields, bringing valuable expertise and insight to our team.

The Critical Role of Investigation in Your Case

Clients hold a crucial role in informing their defense attorney about material facts. By withholding relevant information, they do themselves and their defense attorney no favors. However, clients typically may not know everything about their own case. They are familiar with their experiences but may not be privy to what the opposing side has discovered and concealed. This is where skilled investigation comes into play.

Investigation work forms a significant component of the LLF Law Firm's practice areas in legal defense. To provide exemplary service, attorneys must understand every pertinent detail about their client's case. The most successful attorneys are those who know all the facts. An attorney who enters a trial, hearing, conference, or negotiation uninformed of vital facts immediately compromises their credibility and competence. The industry has harsh words for investigative failures, such as being "sandbagged," "duped," and "blindsided." These investigative oversights often become the tipping point leading to a lost case. For this reason, the LLF Law Firm Criminal Defense Team prioritizes thorough investigation to prevent such scenarios, ensuring they have all the facts when providing vigorous representation.

Bringing Investigation In-House

From our inception, the LLF Law Firm has recognized that in-house investigation is the most effective way for us to serve our clients' needs. That's why we have chosen to bring these capabilities in-house, employing full-time investigators rather than hiring them on an individual case basis. Our investigators uncover facts using lawful means to discover the information and evidence that could significantly impact the client's case. The investigators within the LLF Law Firm Team locate witnesses, take witness statements, visit government and private offices, photograph and measure crime scenes, conduct archive searches, and secure and examine the evidence. Their training and experience in law enforcement provide them with an insider's perspective on how successful investigations work. When you engage the LLF Law Firm Team, you gain the assistance of these adept investigators.

The firm's team comprises former law enforcement officers with decades of experience in Special Investigation Units. These investigators have led thousands of governmental and private investigations into various criminal and civil matters, including all the practice areas that the LLF Law Firm Team covers. Our most significant victories for our clients can often be attributed to the exceptional skills and dedicated work of these in-house investigators.

Strategic Intelligence

Investigation is one aspect of successful background work; intelligence analysis is another. Intelligence analysts do more than just collect data; they study the collected data, revealing patterns that can make a difference. This analysis also leads to the discovery and presentation of other crucial evidence.

Recognizing the value of intelligence analysis, the LLF Law Firm Team has partnered with an attorney intelligence analyst and analyst firm to offer these unique services to our clients. Strategic intelligence analysis bolsters the team's skillset. Engaging the LLF Law Firm Team provides access to intelligence analyst services. Investigation makes a difference, but knowing what to investigate and understanding the discovered data also plays a critical role.

Expert Consultants and Resources

While a robust team is integral to winning cases, the support from outside consultants who bring specialized expertise and resources is often equally crucial. In-house talent plays a significant role in a law firm's ability to deliver successful results, but external expertise is frequently indispensable.

In establishing and developing the LLF Law Firm, it was recognized that not only a strong internal legal team but also an extensive network of external consultants and resources was needed. External consultants can provide clients with essential services to ensure they have the necessary coaching, mentoring, counseling, treatment, and other support required for success. Additionally, these external consultants can produce reliable reports and testify to expert opinions during trials and hearings, convincing judges, juries, prosecutors, and others of the client's capabilities and intentions. When you engage our Criminal Defense Team, you also gain access to this comprehensive network of external expert consultants and resources.

The specific expert consultants and resources a client needs for a successful defense vary from one case to another. Moreover, the nature of expertise is continually evolving as new fields develop and grow. The LLF Law Firm Team stays abreast of these changes and developments to provide the most up-to-date expertise for your case. Here are just a few of the experts we may engage to assist with your case.

  • Psychologists, psychiatrists, counselors, and therapists: bringing mental health resources to perform examinations, administer mental health tests, make mental health diagnoses, recommend and perform mental health treatment, and give mental health opinions and prognoses around criminal, family, and other case issues involving competency, sanity, anger management, emotional control, suicidal ideation, dependent care, and safety and security in relationships.
  • Physicians, toxicologists, specialists, and other medical consultants: bringing medical and physical health resources to perform examinations, administer physical tests, make a physical diagnosis, treat physical conditions, and give physical health opinions and prognoses on issues involving competency, capability, identity, recovery, care, safety, and security.
  • Substance abuse, addiction, and narcotics consultants: bringing alcohol and drug identification, use, and abuse expertise to perform tests, complete interviews and reviews, make recommendations, administer treatment and programs, provide education and training, and give informed opinions on capability, recovery, and safety and security in family and other relationships.
  • Social workers, family counselors, and life care managers: to examine, inspect, review, and opine in family law, domestic violence, protection-from-abuse, and similar cases involving dependent care, safety, security, and household management issues.
  • Sex addiction and sex offender experts: bringing expertise for sex-offender cases, registry disputes, sexual misconduct charges, family law disputes, protection-from-abuse cases, and similar cases involving allegations of sex crimes or sexual deviance.
  • Accountants and finance consultants: bringing financial expertise to criminal and business cases involving allegations of conversion, embezzlement, fraud, and other financial impropriety, and for valuations of businesses and property, and to confirm and opine as to the source and nature of disputed financial transactions.
  • Computer, technology, and electronics consultants bringing expertise in identifying and tracing electronically stored information to address disputes in protection-from-abuse cases involving social media posts or cyberstalking, criminal cases involving allegations of electronic threats, hacking, and financial improprieties.
  • Handwriting, fingerprint, and other identification consultants: bringing expertise for criminal cases, protection-from-abuse cases, academic misconduct cases, other student discipline cases, and other cases involving questions over authorship and identification.
  • Educators and learning disability consultants: bringing expertise in academic performance and capability, extenuating circumstances, recovery plans, and similar issues in academic progress cases, academic misconduct cases, student discipline cases, and other cases involving schools.
  • Blood-testing, DNA, and other forensics consultants: bringing expertise in examination, testing, and identification for criminal cases, drunk driving cases, sexual assault cases, and other cases requiring forensic review of biological evidence.
  • Rehabilitation and remedial consultants: bringing expertise in physical and mental capability to perform self-care, household services and management, and occupations for cases involving illness, injury, and disability, family law cases, protection-from-abuse cases, domestic violence cases, and similar disputes.
  • Weapons consultants: bringing expertise in ammunition, ballistics, and firearms for criminal cases, gun registration and safety issues, protection-from-abuse cases, domestic and family violence cases, and similar disputes involving the possession, discharge or other use, and identification of weapons.
  • Illustrators, animators, modelers, and other presentation consultants: bringing expertise in how to present video, photographic, physical, mechanical, and scene evidence in court trials and hearings, and for negotiations and plea bargains, in the clearest, most compelling, and most understandable manner.

The True Value of a Team Approach

When you're facing a significant legal challenge, there is no substitute for engaging a law firm with a strong team approach. The Criminal Defense Team of the LLF Law Firm is committed to getting you the best possible resolution, and we are collectively equipped with the skills and resources necessary for a successful defense. Here's what you get by working with us:

  • Reputational value: This ensures that your defense is respected and trusted, garnering the attention of judges, prosecutors, police officers, probation officers, opposing parties, expert witnesses, family, friends, employers, and others who play a role or have an interest in your case.
  • Financial value: This ensures that your investment in your defense yields greater returns than what you initially invested. The return on this investment extends into various aspects of your life, including freedom, finances, employment, relationships, physical and mental health, and reputation.
  • Social value: This ensures that your relationships with family members, friends, neighbors, business or professional acquaintances, co-workers, and others who benefit from their relationship with you continue to be valued. This allows you to maintain a prosperous, beneficial, and rewarding social life.

A Premier Criminal Defense Team in Pennsylvania

If you need effective representation for any criminal defense matter in Pennsylvania, the Criminal Defense Team at the LLF Law Firm is here to help. We have assembled the best possible combination of attorneys, legal staff, staff investigators, strategic partners, and outside expert consultants and resources for the winning defense of your case. Call (888) 535-3686 or use our online contact form.

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