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If members of the public have concerns about a child's welfare in Armstrong County, PA, they can make a report to ChildLine. ChildLine investigations are potentially serious and can have long-term implications for those accused of abuse. Even if the accusations are unfounded or exaggerated, it only takes one anonymous report to do considerable damage to a person's livelihood and reputation.  

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What Is ChildLine? 

ChildLine is part of the Department of Public Welfare in PA. The agency offers a 24-hour hotline for individuals to report suspected child abuse, neglect, or welfare issues. In PA, child abuse is an act or omission which causes a child emotional or physical harm. Conduct that falls into this category varies widely but includes threatening a child's safety, neglecting the child's basic needs, or physically assaulting a child.  

Reports may be submitted anonymously, meaning that anyone can file a complaint against you – even if the complaint is entirely fabricated. 

The ChildLine Registry 

Reassuringly, if there's no obvious merit to an allegation, then ChildLine won't consider the complaint. This means that malicious or false complaints are often dismissed before they proceed any further. However, if there are any grounds to support an allegation, the perpetrator may be placed on the ChildLine Registry. 

The Registry is a statewide database containing the details of those accused of child abuse. What's concerning is that, even before investigations conclude, you may be placed on this Registry without warning. Even a mere listing on the Registry can affect your ability to work or volunteer with children, and so the moment you receive notice of an investigation against you, it's crucial to prepare your defense.  

Accusations of Child Abuse in Armstrong County, PA 

Although anyone can report child abuse, there are two procedures for doing so. 

  • Members of the public can file a report using the 24-hour toll-free hotline. They can choose to reveal their identity, but it will not be communicated to the perpetrator.  
  • Mandated reporters – those with a legal responsibility to report suspected child abuse – should file a report online. You will not be told their identity, although they can't submit anonymous complaints. 

The ChildLine Investigative Process 

The investigative process is complicated and moves fast. However, we may provide an overview of the main steps involved.  

The Initial Report 

Once ChildLine receives a report, they evaluate the accusations and make an initial assessment within 24 hours. This means considering, for example, the relationship of the accuser to the accused and any possible cultural differences that affect parenting approaches.  

If there's any merit to the complaint, ChildLine refers the matter to Armstrong County's Children, Youth & Family Services (CYF)

The Investigations 

A caseworker will perform a preliminary investigation. This may involve, for example, visiting your home, interviewing the child, taking pictures of any suspected injuries, and talking to other adults in the child's life, e.g., teachers, doctors, and social workers. Although these investigations are distressing, you cannot impede them. You should, however, contact the LLF Law Firm Criminal Defense Team in the meantime, and we will ensure your legal rights are respected. Any discrepancies or procedural missteps should be documented – these may be helpful should there be cause to appeal a ChildLine decision.  

Emergency Action and Your Legal Rights 

Sometimes, CYF takes immediate and urgent action to protect a child's welfare – even if the accusations later turn out to be false.  

For example, depending on the nature of the accusations, a child may be immediately removed from the home. CYF caseworkers can legally do this if they believe the child is at imminent risk of harm.  

Although this is extremely distressing for you and your family, it's important that you comply with caseworkers and call the LLF Law Firm for urgent legal assistance.  

The Outcome of ChildLine Investigations 

In most cases, investigations should be concluded within 30 days. However, it can take up to 60 days in some situations.  

Once investigations conclude, ChildLine issues its findings. There are three possible findings: unfounded, indicated, or founded.  

  • Unfounded: There's no evidence, or insufficient evidence, to show that abuse occurred as described.  
  • Indicated: There's some evidence that abuse occurred, although the evidence may not be overwhelmingly clear. In other words, the agency believes that there are legitimate grounds for concern.   
  • Founded: Clear evidence that abuse occurred as described in the report. This may happen if a court has already reached a judgment in a related case and found that the child was abused in the same factual circumstances as the report in question. For example, a judge may have already passed a Protection from Abuse Order (PFO) against the perpetrator.  

Reports can also be “pending,” which simply means that the agency has not yet completed its investigations.  

It's important that you understand what the finding is against you because it determines whether you can make an appeal. Indicated and founded reports can be appealed. Unfounded appeals do not go any further. However, a subsequent report may complicate matters.   

Appealing a Child Abuse Finding in Armstrong County 

Filing an appeal is inherently complex. You should not navigate this process alone but instead, turn to an experienced attorney. Do not hesitate to retain us, and we can explain the legal options as they relate to your situation.  

Time Limits for Filing Appeals 

From the moment you receive notice of a finding against you, a clock starts running. You only have 90 days to contact ChildLine to start the appeals process. If you miss the window, the ChildLine Appeal Unit may still process your appeal request, but you must have a compelling reason for missing the deadline. The unit does not take such matters lightly, so your request is likely to be denied.  

Request a Hearing 

The first stage is formally challenging a ChildLine finding. You do this by filing with the ChildLine Appeal Unit. The unit has 60 days to process your appeal, but you may wait a further period before discovering if your appeal is granted.  

Should this initial request be denied, you have a further 90 days to request a formal court hearing for your appeal to be considered in more detail. The Bureau of Hearings and Appeals will then process your request and schedule a hearing based on the case merits.  

While every effort should be made to schedule a hearing at a time most suitable for you, there's no guarantee this will happen. However, it's essential you attend your hearing, or else you may lose any further right to contest your case.  

Attend Your Appeal Hearing 

The appeal hearing can seem intimidating. Our team will explain what to expect should we represent you, but briefly, appeal hearings usually proceed as follows. 

  • A hearing officer revisits the facts of the case. They will review the evidence presented to them. The objective will be to decide whether to grant or dismiss your appeal.  
  • The agency must prove that you committed the alleged acts. This means that although you are the party seeking the reconsideration, the agency is responsible for showing why the initial findings should stand. 
  • The hearing officer will decide the outcome and communicate this to you and your counsel. This decision should be received within 45 days of the hearing.  

Hearings take place at the relevant PA Department of Human Services BHA Regional Office.  

The Standard of Proof 

As mentioned, under the law, it's the agency's responsibility to show that you did commit the acts alleged in the initial complaint. They must present “clear and convincing” evidence to this effect. In other words, although this is lower than the criminal standard of proof – beyond a reasonable doubt – it does mean the agency must present substantial evidence to support its findings.  

The report is expunged if the agency fails to make its case. However, if the agency succeeds, your appeal will be denied.   

Further Rights of Appeal 

In some cases, if your appeal is unsuccessful, you may have the rights to make a further appeal to the Secretary of the Department of Human Services. You will require specific legal grounds for petitioning the DHS, and you only have 15 days from the hearing date to file your appeal.  

Second appeals are even more complex than initial appeals. Our Criminal Defense Team can explain if you have grounds to appeal and how to initiate the process. 

Consequences of an Unsuccessful Appeal Against a Child Abuse Finding 

Unfortunately, having your name listed on the ChildLine Registry does have significant consequences. After all, the implication is that you endangered the welfare of a child in some way, which has significant social stigma attached to it.  

A ChildLine Registry record can severely impact your life in various ways, for example: 

  • You will be unable to volunteer at your child's school, help on field trips, or coach sports teams (even recreationally). This could mean missing out on key moments in your child's life.  
  • Your employment options are more limited due to ChildLine Registry listings appearing on background checks. If you've trained to work in, for example, healthcare, education, or the military, you may find that the doors are now closed to you.  
  • Family and friends may treat you differently, even if the accusations turn out to be unfounded or exaggerated. You may find some relationships are irrevocably changed.  
  • It's mentally and emotionally debilitating to be listed on the Registry, even if it's just for a relatively short period. 

The impact of a ChildLine finding against you cannot be overstated. Although it's not always possible to avoid ChildLine investigations, it's crucial that you do everything you can to mitigate the consequences.    

ChildLine Registry Expungements 

In some circumstances, you can file to have your name expunged or removed from the Registry. This is no guarantee that your request will be granted. The courts consider various factors, including whether there's an ongoing risk of child abuse or whether there is any compelling reason to keep your name on the listing.  

If you cannot seek an expungement, this doesn't always mean your name will remain on the Registry indefinitely. Unfounded reports expire from the Registry within 12 months, and substantiated reports are expunged when a child turns 23.  

The Benefits of Hiring an Attorney 

If you have not yet retained our services, we strongly encourage you to contact us to discuss your options. There are numerous compelling reasons why you need legal support at this stage – and why it's crucial you get help sooner rather than later.  

  • Child abuse allegations have serious long-term consequences. Your best chance of mitigating these consequences is to present a robust and effective defense, which can only be achieved with experienced counsel on your side.  
  • The court system is complex and, sometimes, overwhelming. Our lawyers will guide you through the process, answer any questions you have, and ensure you feel supported at every stage.  
  • Court deadlines, such as filing deadlines, are unforgiving. We will ensure that no deadlines are overlooked, and we will handle the procedural aspects on your behalf.  
  • ChildLine proceedings are inherently emotional, volatile, and upsetting. We will help you stay focused and objective and ensure you fully understand your legal rights and options.  

Please do not hesitate to reach out to discuss your issue or learn how to appeal a ChildLine finding.  

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