Magisterial District Court Montgomery 38-1-01

More than likely, you are here because you noted the name 'Magisterial District Court Montgomery 38-1-01' on your court summons. Before stepping foot in the courtroom, there is an abundance of information available to you. The more you know before arriving in court, the better prepared you will be and consequently, the entirety of your case could benefit. While the court may feel like a cold, clinical, and intimidating environment to you, that is not the case for a seasoned lawyer. Their know-how and general familiarity with the process can be a source of reassurance for you as you move forward in addressing your legal issue. Montgomery Criminal Law Team brings a wealth of experience to the table and is calm and collected under the pressure of the court environment. Enlisting our Criminal Law Team to fight your charge is an enormous credit to your case and peace of mind. Although you are probably anxious and unsure about what awaits you at Magisterial District Court Montgomery 38-1-01, the process you encounter will run relatively smooth and you can put the bulk of your worries to bed, so long as you hire an experienced defense attorney to take on your case and represent you in court. Having handled and resolved countless legal predicaments of a similar nature, a lawyer is the single best way to ensure the ordeal will be taken care of swiftly and that all your rights and considered and accounted for.

What is Magisterial District Court Montgomery 38-1-01?

Located in Norristown, Magisterial District Court Montgomery 38-1-01 is one of many magisterial courts in the city, which is also the county seat. It is critical, if you have been given summons, to ensure that you arrive at the right court at the right time. Judges and court staff do not take kindly to tardiness, so be on time and make sure you are headed to the right location before you leave. There are over 30 courts in the county alone.

This court in particular covers the election districts of East Norriton Township and West Norriton Township.A relatively minor court, the bulk of its cases include traffic and non-traffic citation matters. However, the court also hears tenant-landlord disputes, preliminary hearings and arraignments in criminal cases, and civil cases where the damages do not exceed $12,000. As a matter of course, district courts handle smaller matters and offenses that are not particularly grave or serious but illegal never the less. Think underage drinking, driving on a suspended license, disorderly conduct, retail theft under $150, etc.. Despite the perceived absence of "seriousness" for many of these charges, it is still important that you have a lawyer by your side as you confront them. Penalties such as fines and jail time (up to 6 months if you have a prior criminal record) will still certainly apply if you do not go in with an attorney. The advice of an attorney will prove invaluable in the fight against you charges.

Why Did I Get A Summons To Go To Magisterial District Court Montgomery 38-1-01?

If you are unsure as to exactly why you received a court summons, you are advised to first contact an attorney to have them review the citation and explain to you the specifics of your situation. More than likely, it will be indicated on the paperwork why you have been summoned, though if you are unsure or think there has been a mistake of some sort, contacting an attorney will bring you one step closer to resolution. Generally, people will receive a court summons to this Pennsylvania magisterial court when they have a preliminary hearing of some sort, an arraignment, a traffic citation to deal with, a bench warrant, or a non-jury trial. If you have misdemeanor or felony charge against you, the preliminary hearing or arraignment (during which you are made aware of the charges against you and the options available to you) happens in a magisterial court such as this one. It would then move on to Montgomery Court of Common Pleas. If this all amounts to legal gibberish for you, contact our skilled Montgomery Criminal Law Team --we can help.

If you are confronting a charge for a summary offense--shoplifting, disorderly conduct, for example--it may seem like pleading guilty is the easy and logical way out of the situation. This is not always the case; do not be so quick to allow the justice system to stamp your record with a conviction. Thereafter, you will have to frank with employers about this mark on your criminal record; it may hinder you as you move forward with job, school, and scholarship applications, among other things.

Who Presides Over the Court?

Magisterial District Judge Ester J. Casillo presides over Magisterial District Court Montgomery 38-1-01. This means you will appear before her on your court date. You are advised to rise when she enters the room and refer to her only as your honor. You do not want to promote an appearance of irreverence to the judge in any court proceeding. As a magisterial judge, she is able to perform marriages and administer oaths.

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Magisterial District Court Montgomery 38-1-01

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